Who owns what?

More and more big beer companies are masquerading as craft beer brands because the big boys have seen the growth that craft breweries have achieved and they want a share of it!

Why does it matter?

The key issue is that in almost all cases the beer from these companies has got worse as they adopt the penny pinching characteristics of the big brewers. This devalues the revolution in craft brewing in this country and misrepresents what we're all about. 

This is aside from the various ethical issues that surround most of these companies. Not least the loss of the jobs as these craft breweries get absorbed into the larger organisation. 

Furthermore, not content with simply pretending to be craft breweries, they are attempting to put the real independent brewers out of business using unethical practices, muscling out genuine craft brewers with free stock deals and the like. 

Here are a few examples:


AB Inbev
Goose Island

Molson Coors
Sharps (Doom Bar)

Lion Nathan
Magic Rock
Four Pure
Little Creatures

Dark Star

London Fields